Don't Allow Your Roof to Crumble

Don't Allow Your Roof to Crumble

Get top-notch roof repair services in Yukon, OK area

Has a hailstorm struck Yukon, OK again? It may be time for a roof replacement to fix that damage before it gets worse. At Yellow Footprints Construction, we handle all your roof repair needs, including reroofing, shingle replacement and broken shingle repairs.

We're committed to keeping the roof over your head in good repair. Contact us now to schedule service.

When is it time for a roof inspection?

A roof replacement will be necessary eventually. But how do you know when it's time for roof repair services? Be sure you get a roof inspection done when:

  • A severe storm hits - high winds, hail and flooding can all cause extensive damage to your roof
  • You see discoloration or sagging on your roof - these can be the result of water damage
  • There are water stains on your ceiling or walls - these are signs of a leaky roof that is no longer doing its job

A general rule of thumb is to schedule a roof inspection in the spring or fall. At these times, temperatures are milder and it's easier to spot problem areas. Getting necessary roof repair work done will prepare your home for the weather extremes to come.

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